Project-related investment opportunities are available for the right, mission-aligned investment partners. Co-investment in project opportunities can range substantially depending on the scope of the opportunity.

At present, we are seeking co-investment partners for pilot projects in emerging markets for swine production, waste-to-energy, and bio-char & landscape product development.  We look for our partners to bring additional value to the project (beyond finance), such as introductions to local partners, or support in feedstock procurement, site selection and permitting, operations and labor, and/or access to the markets for the end-products.

Our projects are designed to have commercial rates of return, commensurate with projects in this space with similar risk/reward profiles.  Pilot activities may have lower rates of return given the investigative nature of the project—but are designed to de-risk subsequent investment in full-scale projects.  The capital cycles are designed to be in the range of 3 to 5 years such that investors should see a return of capital and/or the option to exit the investment in that period.

We particularly encourage investors with specific interest in robust research, Ag 2.0 technology and project experience, and energy-related fields.

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