Terra Blue History

ARS soil scientists Matias Vanotti (left) and Ariel Szogi (right) and Lewis Fetterman, late CEO of Terra Blue, Inc., examine swine wastewater before (dark liquid) and after (clear liquid) treatment in the second-generation system they invented

Terra Blue, Inc., formerly Super Soil Systems USA, Inc., was organized in 1998 by Lewis M. Fetterman, Sr. His vision was that waste treatment systems that protect the environment and our food supply are also the most efficient and profitable. He believed the current lagoon and spray-field waste treatment system is not sustainable over the long-term and that eastern North Carolina is in jeopardy of losing the vital swine industry if action is not taken to address concerns over the environment and food safety.

Over the past decade, the company has concentrated on research and development to assemble an economical environmentally superior waste treatment system for swine.  After three generations of development, the company has done just that.

The company has continued to diversify it’s expertise in environmental technologies, currently offering solutions in agricultural waste management, commercial composting and soil and soilless product development.